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Web-based software solutions for your home and business.

Website Hosting and Design

E-commerce is rapidly progressing as a faster, more efficient way to do business. With a functional and well designed sales portal or website from our team, a potential client is just a click away.

Custom Software

Paper based systems slow the data collection and retrieval process, and are a majorly reductable business cost. Have everything relating to your business just a click away, with the creation of your own tailored software.

Database Implementation

Store information on your products and services, and analyze them in a way that best maximizes your profits and spending.


Our Objectives and Mission Statement.

  • September 2012

    Humble Beginnings

    JamTeach Software Consultants, an enterprise focused on delivering quality solutions through the use of Software and Information Technology, is launched.

  • Mission Statement

    Practice Makes Perfect

    JamTeach seeks to conceptualize, develop and promote ground breaking technologies geared at enabling students to pursue their goals by learning relevant subject matter. JamTeach also aims to leverage its skills, tools and assets in developing quality, competitively priced software in selected niche markets.

  • August 2014

    Launch of Online Learning Site

    It’s our belief that the most important economic and social driver is a well educated populace. The launch of our primary product, JamTeach Education Online, was designed to have a profound impact on improving the performance level of students in their respective subject areas.

  • Objectives

    Company Modus Operandi

    We do not seek to be all things to all persons, but rather the best option in our particular niche. JamTeach aims to give back to the community, to offer low-cost software solutions to the small and medium business sector, and to ensure that our users have at their disposal the relevant tool necessary to guarantee their success.

  • 2015 Onwards

    Launch of Online Learning Site

    Jamteach is committed to serving Jamaica; to investing our time and efforts to create a better and more progressive country through the use of software development.

Our Team

Individual Representatives

Horrett Scarlett

Chief Executive Officer

Calmin Scarlett

Chief Technical Officer, Managing Director

Davan Easy

Web/Graphic Designer

Charolette Gentles

Junior Programmer, Developer

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1c Braemar Avenue, Kingston 10. Our offices are open from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 9:00 and 3:00

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